A Mystery Reader's Treat

A fellow rehab patient loaned me his copy of Douglas Hall's "Murder Can Kill" and what a pleasure it was to get it. With nearly a year in hospital and rehab I was running out of books to read

Hall was a new author for me but he is far from being a new author with 29 books published including three titles for the Paul West Mystery Series" and a fourth one, "Murder In Season" in production to be released shortly.

When I finished "Murder Can Kill" I googled Amazon and ordered the other two "Murder Never Sleeps" and "Murder Unchained." As soon as "Murder In Season" is released it will be on order.

Murder and mystery books are my passion and I play a reader's game of trying to guess who the killer is. No luck with Hall's murderers I had to be nearly at the end of "Murder Can Kill" without guessing correctly.

For me Hall is a refreshing new author and I look forward to reading more books with his name under the title. I understand he has three more plots already to go.

I can't wait to find out what jeopardy and chilling danger Private Investigator Paul West and the delectable Mandy Perkins find them selves in next.
Diana D. Ontario, Canada

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