I had just finished reading a mystery book and was in the local library going up and down the rows looking for my next read.

The librarian asked if she could help and I told her I was looking for a good mystery and she recommended "MURDER CAN KILL" the first in Douglas Hall's "PAUL WEST MYSTERY SERIES" and said it was a good one and to follow with the next two "MURDER UNCHAINED" and "MURDER NEVER SLEEPS." By then, she told me, his fourth in the series "MURDER IN SEASON" will be out so I shall have plenty of good reading, ahead of me. She was so right as I am well into "Murder Unchained" and can't put it down.

I was pleased to read about the author on the opening page. I remembered him from the days when he hosted a daily TV show and I watched him.

I have two friends with birthdays coming up and I shall be buying two of his books as gifts.

Anna MARIE G. Greater Toronto, Ontario Canada

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