I found my first book about Paul West P.I. very intriguing especially since his case was based in the small Canadian town of Ebony River British Columbia.
Paul West was hired by the son of the very wealthy murdered Jason Knox and his wife and
The RCMP had not solved the murders after two years
West went to Ebony River and immediately initiated a very detailed profile for RCMP Sergeant Holt and went undercover to write a table-top book about Ebony River. Its secrets are uncovered from many friends and business people, a bar owner, and a bikers club which enabled the RCMP to make arrests and finally solve the murders of Jason Knox and his wife.
The author kept me glued to the book until the very end which I read quickly as I was anxious to find out who the murderers were and who else was involved in the plot.
Arlene Scott
AMICA Ladies Reading Club.

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