I had lost track of Doug Hall over the years since we both worked at IBM Canada, he in a different department than I. We didn’t connect again until after we both retired and I moved into the same condo as he. I knew of him through his broadcasting and watched his television shows over the years.

I also knew he could write. I have read many of his fast-moving novels, which I am addicted to, going back to “Seconds to Disaster” in the early 70’s. It is a taunt mystery and when I first heard about the “Paul West Mystery Series” and, having known Doug personally,  I purchased an Amazon  copy and I sure wasn’t disappointed. He has not lost his touch. Each one of the four books he has written so far for the “series” is a page turner. There is no other way to describe it.

I just finished “MURDER IN SEASON” and was pleased to hear, when I saw him on CTV’s Nightly News, saying he was writing the fifth one.

The Paul West Mystery Series was a joy to discover and I know I shall look forward to another fast-paced mystery.

D.D. Pickering, Ontario Canada


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