MURDER IN SEASON received a tremendous marketing boost when it was profiled in the feature article AM’s amazing 94 -year-old author Douglas Hall and his equally amazing 91 year-old wife were featured in a series on seniors over 90 who are still producing  in their chosen filed. In the case of Joyce, who was a Registered Nurse she was featured because she has edited every one of Hall’s 28 published books beginning with The Brittle Thread in 1968. Even though she has had Alzheimer’s her facilities are as keen as ever.
 A selection of seniors who are residents of a Retirement Facility were surveyed and asked how they filled their days. Reading was high on the list. Next came the question what do you read?  Adventure and mysteries topped the reply.
The answer to what mystery books are your favorites,  Hall’s “Paul West Mystery Series” was given along with “I have read all three of the series. I just finished “MURDER UNCHAINED” and have my Amazon order in for “MURDER IN SEASON” which is scheduled for release September  15th. I understand he is writing the next one.
I can hardly wait.”

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