After a long wait I was finally able to enjoy “MURDER UNCHAINED in the manner in which to read something – by starting and finishing the whole book in one sitting and on a Sunday I did just that and I enjoyed it very much.

I loved the main characters Paul West and RCMP Sergeant Andy Holt but I also got a kick out of the peripheral ones – like Ada the snoopy next-door neighbour and West’s “girl Friday,” Mandy.

I also very much liked when West called Mayor Curtis’s bluff by referring to the Kitty Kelly vs Frank Sinatra legal case and his frantic efforts to prevent the publication of her unauthorized biography on him. How well I remember that case. It went on for months and must have cost a fortune in legal fees.

Little anecdotes like that are just great to add to a story.

I really enjoyed “Murder Unchained.”

Diana, Whitby, Ontario Canada

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