I got my copy of  MURDER IN SESON the week after it was released and just finished reading it.

I have read the other three books in the PAUL WEST MYSTERY SERIES “MURDER CAN  KILL” “MURDER NEVER SLEEPS” and  “MURDER UNCHAINED” and I am hooked.

“MURDER IN SEASON” didn’t disappoint. I don’t know where this talented author comes up with his plots because he has twists and turns the reader can never expect and one has to keep reading to see how they play out.

While I really like Paul West and what woman wouldn’t like him I really enjoy Mandy his “girl Friday”. Their interplay is fast, crisp and tinged with wonderment “will they or won’t they.”They  haven’t so far. Maybe they will in the next book.

The “villains” are not carboard villains that crop up in other mysteries. They have believable roles play and sure put West and Mandy into tight corners that really add spice to the plot. I look forward to the next book in the series which I understand the author  is now writing for release mid to late winter 2024.

Theresa W.  - New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

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