AM’s amazing author Douglas Hall has agreed to host a Murder Mystery Lunch mid-October in the AMIICA Whitby, Ontario, dining room.

He will talk about how he has written 28 publish books in a six-decade career and what goes into the writing of a cracking good mystery.

Hall has written thirteen published mysteries and is currently writing the next one “MURDER CONFIRMED.” He is well qualified to talk about “how I write a mystery that can get published and mystery lovers will purchase.”

Case in point will be how his first  PAUL WEST MYSTERY  “MURDER CAN KILL”  was followed with “MURDER NEVER SLEEPS”  “MURDER UNCHAINED”  and the recently released  “MURDER IN SEASON” for readers anxious to read what Paul West and his delightful factotum Mandy Perkins, endure as West solves the mystery of many cold cases all of which have one thing in common…every dead person had a single bullet hole in the back of the head.

West to joins forces with his former partner Inspector Charles West and, together they track down a thug with a unicorn tattooed on his arm and it takes all their combined skills to rescue  Mandy from the “Hit Man.”

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