When Private Investigator Paul West took on his next case, it seemed like an easy one that would pay handdomely. All he had to do was compile a profile of Jason Knox for his only son Matthew, who had no memory of him. His father had walked away from Mathew’s mother when he was an infant and left him the sole beneficiary of his multi-million dollar estate.
It didn’t take long before West was thrust into one of the most complex cases in a long and illustrious career as a police inspector with the homicide squad and as a private investigator when he was forced to resign after failing to duck when a “bad guy” took aim and shot him.
The case took him to Ebony River, a small town, on Vancouver Island’s east coast that seldom gave a wink or a nod to the outside world.
What West found was the two-year-old unsolved murder of Jason Knox, and his second wife, that was still baffling RCMP Sergeant Andy Holt.
When West told Holt why he had come to Ebony River, Holt asked him if he would go undercover and help him solve the case.
West’s investigation concentrated on an eclectic
range of residents including: bikers with an agenda; a former member of the town council with a grudge to settle; a small church time had left behind; a farmer’s Sunday dinner that revealed hidden secrets and a mayor who would do anything to get re-elected regardles of how it would devastate reputations and careers.
“Murder Unchained” is a guaranteed page-turner. It will keep the reader guessing up to the last page.

Patricia McMullen
Ottawa, Ontario

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