I have been most fortunate with the reviews I have received from readers of all my 28 published books going back to the first one “The Brittle Thread” in 1968 up to my last one, and my 28th, “Murder Unchained” released March 30, 2021.
Each review I received either by e-mail, word of mouth, which I transcribe, or newspaper reviews for the three published books I have written so far, for the Paul West Mystery Series I have created, “Murder Can Kill” “Murder Never Sleeps” and “Murder Unchained” Each has have shown a remarkable growth in reader numbers which is not unusual for a series featuring the same character who catches reader attention In my case it is Private Investigator Paul West who comes back in the fourth titled “Murder In Season” that I am now writing. I have three more plots to dip into and will continue to get Paul West into jeopardy as he tracks down the murderer.
I have been greatly encouraged by the increasing number of readers who have written or have commented personally that they enjoyed one of the books and went back to read the others.
I hope the foregoing explains that while sales are important for any author, reader opinion is right up there with it and keeps one energized and chained to his computer.

Douglas Hall
Whitby, Ontario Canada
Reviews are the life blood for

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