BOOK Review by Mr. G. Goodman Whitby

I was first introduced to The Paul West Mystery Series when I was browsing in my favourite book store and “Murder Can Kill” caught my attention with its eye-catching jacket.

Being a lover of mysteries, I read the story line on the back cover and bought the book. Since then, I ordered the next two titles “Murder Unchained and “Murder In Season, from Amazon.

Having seen author Douglas Hall interviewed on the CTV seven o’clock newscast, I ordered a copy of his newest mystery, in the series “Murder In Season.” It has whetted my appetite for the next one which I understand he is working on for a late winter, early spring 2024 release.

His two main characters Private Investigator Paul West and “Girl Friday” Mandy Perkins, are more interesting than ever as the author has fleshed out, as they say, their roles in the storyline with hints of their relationship expanding as well.

Having the murder victim West’s ex-wife and he being drawn in as the lead investigator with his ex-partner Inspector Charles King was a brilliant. I have never read anything like it before. It kept me turning the pages to the surprise ending.

G. Goodman Whitby, Ontario Canada

My Thoughts

This gentleman is a resident of the retirement centre. He was at the Mystery Dinner" and saw me being interviewed on the CTV News. He purchased a copy of Murder In Season from Amazon who shipped within a day and asked me if I would autograph it and proceeded to tell me how much he enjoyed the read. I suggested that he write a review but he declined saying he was no writer but if I'd write it, he'd put his name to it. This I was pleased to do and during a coffee he told me, with a bit of prodding about the read I admit what he thought it. This is what I wrote for him and he was pleased.

People are still stopping me and mentioning the CTV interview. It certainly was well watched and resonated.

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