There have been numerous questions asked about when the new title "MURDER IN SEASON" the fourth in the "Paul West Mystery Series" will be released and, the answer is very soon.

The manuscript is going through Austin Macauley's state-of-the art editing and pre-production process. It will be released well in time for summer, vacation and cottage reading.

Next comes the design for the jacket and, anyone familiar with the malevolent and imaginative jackets for "MURDER CAN KILL"; "MURDER NEVER SLEEPS" and "MURDER UNCHAINED" will immediately recognize that "MURDER IN SEASON "is another Paul West Mystery.

The plot for "MURDER IN SEASON" is fast-paced with a twist.that throws and baffles West. .The murder victim is ... his ex-wife!

There are many twists and turns before West gets the surprise of his life when the murderer is arrested and charged.

"MURDER IN SEASON" is a detective yarn that is, in the old cliché "a genuine page turner.."

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