With the announcement that MURDER IN SEASON, the fourth title in THE PAUL WEST MYSTERY SERIES, is now in production and will be released very shortly avid readers of the other three titles in the series MURDER CAN KILL, MURDER UNCHAINED and MURDER NEVER SLEEPS are eagerly looking forward to obtaining their copy from the local bookstore or AMAZON. This is especially true with the members of the Brooklin Book Club after Austin Macauley's amazing 94-year-old prolific author of 27 published books was guest speaker at two monthly book club meetings. Both included lively question periods and the question was asked "is Paul West, the protagonist in all four titles, a figment of your imagination or did you fashion him after a real live person?" Hall had no problem answering and said "Paul West is a figment of my imagination. However, my son-in-law Gordon, like his wife Diane, are both retired from the police force after a combined service of over 60 years and am very fortunate because I run by the scenes, I am writing West into with Gordon, who retired a Sergeant, to make sure everything I write about police procedure is factually correct. Next came a question about Mandy Perkin, West's Administrative Assistant Who West gets into many dangerous situations when
he takes her undercover with him. Instead of answering Hall just grinned. -30-

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