Murder Can Kill" "Murder Never Sleeps" "Murder Unchained" and the soon-to-be released "Murder in Season" are now available at all WALMART outlets. The series which has received remarkable reviews since "Murder Can Kill" was released in 2018. Prolific author, 93-year-old Douglas Hall is currently writing "Murder Unconfirmed" the fifth title in the series. It will be Hall's 29th published book. His first one "The Brittle Thread" was published in 1968 and, he has three more plots waiting to be written.

The protagonist Paul West, a former Police Inspector, who reluctantly had to retire when he was shot, has carved out a second career as one of the top PI's in the business. Each plot is filled with fast action, page turning mystery, and personal danger as West and his assistant and confident Mandy Perkins, who works with him by going undercover on the trail of a murderer Both face many nail-biting moments.

The reviews are remarkable for this new and refreshing mystery series that has terror, nail-biting reading and guarantees the reader a page-turning reading experience.

"Murder In Season" is the most personal and complex plot West has ever faced. Ten years previous when he was a police investigator an especially gruesome murder occurred and he arrested Shane Broadmore who he was convinced was the murderer. It was his testimony that convicted Broadmore who received a twenty-five-year life sentence with no parole. Now, ten years later, his wife tells West that he is innocent she think she knows who the real murder is. She demands that since it was his testimony that put her husband in the penitentiary it was up to him find the real murder and get him out.

This was the one and only blot on West's stirling record and, he intends to wipe it off at allcost. To do it he finds himself along, with Wendy,in mind-chilling danger,


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